What To Watch: 10/27/2019

As it’s not TV, it’s HBO, the behemoth of premium cable is allowed to reset its schedule in late October because, why not. And as such, we see the return of a favorite (or at least a show that was favored by us and others a few seasons ago) and a new boundary pusher starring Kathryn Hahn.

Mrs. Fletcher [HBO, 10:30p]
While it’s a bit jarring to see Kathryn Hahn playing an empty nester, and this show’s premise could go either way, Hahn’s simple presence in this latest HBO comedy makes it worth a try. It’s also based on a story by one of my favorite authors, Tom Perrotta, whose novels tend to adapt well to the screen.

Killer Siblings [Oxygen, 7p]
Oxygen explores the psychology and pasts of siblings accused of cold-blooded murder. I don’t know, maybe it’s nurture?

Watchmen [HBO, 9p]
This week, we go deeper in to the rabbit hole of the seventh cavalry and maybe we can even learn what brought the gang out of retirement. Hopefully we can confirm what we all know — that strange old man that looks a lot like Jeremy Irons is Veidt.



  • What if they gave a sixth season of Silicon Valley on HBO and… well, you probably know how that construct ends. Frankly, we pretty much straight forgot that it was coming back tonight — it’s not for a lack of love. Maybe, it’s just the roller coaster predictability of it all. Really, it fell apart or came together at the last second?! Also, Richard is nearing Walter White levels of protagonist unlikability.
  • Damn right, Lifetime, No Time Like Christmas. It’s… not… even… Halloween… yet! It’s too early to be even complaining about this shit, but Christmas scope creep is what it is, and here we are, and I quit! Until tomorrow!

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