What To Watch: 10/22/2019

The 2019 World Series begins tonight, and in yet another tradition our current Occupant eschews, Trump will not be the one throwing out the ceremonial first pitch as he’s a weenie who’s scared of being booed. Meanwhile, we’ll be watching one of our favorite voice actors and latest in the SNL-flameout does good parade Jenny Slate in her new Netflix stand-up special and a tribute to a father and son who were among the biggest marquee names of the 1950s & 80s (the former is still going strong as he approaches his 103rd birthday in December).

Jenny Slate: Stage Fright [Netflix]
Jenny Slate, who can sometimes be Too Much, presents an original comedy special with standup, behind-the-scenes riffs, and home video. My favorite part of the trailer though, is a peek at the less twee Slate, the one I want to get drunk with: “Who gives a shit? Death will come for all of us. I’m dressed for it.”

The Douglas Dynasty: Fame, Addiction, and Finding Home [ABC, 10p]
While on the surface, this could seem like the cheapening of a grand acting family by subjecting them to a Behind The Music-esque descent-into-drugs-and-pills treatment. However, this is likely a more heartfelt tribute paired with third generation Douglas, Cameron, sharing about his battle with drugs. In any case, the Earth is a slightly cooler place that Kirk still walks upon it.



  • It’s frustrated incorporated all over again, as The Good Place‘s chief name-dropper Jameela Jamil joins up with the cast of Impractical Jokers for The Misery Index — a team competition about which a TBS exec has said has “hilariously gamified embarrassment, humiliation, and total misery.” Well, bully. Our only question: how many points does Jamil lose for accepting this hosting gig.
  • ABC’s -Ish night is always a favorite in the Screen Scholars household. Tonight on Black-ish, Dre joins a private club, while younger Bow sweats over her school dance partner choice on Mixed-ish.
  • Barry’s latest menace has the world’s fastest man prepping for his mortality as The CW’s The Flash frets ominously but carries on.
  • What happens when a host of The View stops being polite and starts getting real. ID’s latest, Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin might provide one answer to that age-old (well, at least 27 years old anyway)
  • Over on HGTV, we meet Dave and Jenny Mars, who apparently are quite adept at turning Fixer To Fabulous, if we are to believe their new renovation show’s title.
  • And if none of that appeals to you, there’s always what once was the greatest night in sports as the once Houston Colt-45’s meet the former Montreal Expos in what is now the Houston Astros vs. the Washington Nationals for the first game of the 2019 World SeriesWe could have had baseball in French — damn you all to hell, Bud Selig.

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