What To Watch: 10/15/2019

The Screen Scholars are all about action this Tuesday — even if that action is simply city slickers stumbling their way through farm life, and sliding into friendship with the elusive David Koechner and Lennon Parnham. We’re also surprisingly curious about USA Network shows for people who never figured out What Is Burn Notice?

Treadstone [USA, 10p]
While main actor Jeremy Irvine isn’t playing the Matt Damon-Jason Bourne role in this new USA series, he is a part of the Bourne Identity community. I’m ambivalent about that world, but the concept of unaware secret agents is still promising.

The Purge [USA, 9p]
It’s back, and this season we get to see what happens after said purge. What effect does it have on the victims? The perpetrators? This season we will find out. Seems a risky choice for a show from the Purge-iverse, but that just makes me more interested.

Bless This Mess [ABC, 8:30p]
Mike stirs up controversy and rivalries when he reenters journalism through the town’s once defunct newspaper.



  • And now it’s time for the return of the green-clad man with a knack for archery and righting wrongs — aided by a whole stable of DC-cum-CW superheroes. Arrow is back for a long-awaited eighth season.

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