What To Watch: 09/28/2019

SNL keeps on its march into middle-age, bringing on one-time Cheers star, cannabis enthusiast, and undeniable A-lister Woody Harrelson — who is now just one shy of his 5-timer jacket — to host. We older members of the Screen Scholars community get to find out what a Billie Eilish is. Is it a funky dance move? Is it a special kind of teapot? We’re not sure, but we’ll tune in Sunday morning to see if AV Club’s Dennis Perkins is, indeed, hip to her music.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
The whole Gillis affair left a whole bad taste in my mouth — not because they specifically hired him, and definitely not because they fired him (cancel culture is NOT a thing, not having unfunny racists on TV is), but due to the rumor that bringing Gillis in was Lorne Michael actively trying to make the show more conservative. In the age of Trump, just no! But Woody Harrelson can be fun and why not see what Bowen Yang and some of the best return players do as they kick off Season 44!

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