What To Watch: 09/27/2019

TV Titan Ryan Murphy’s first streaming show opens, while Jill Soloway’s bows out. And the Duplasses continue to unfurl some oddball yarns with celebrity backing.



The Politician [Netflix]
It’s Election meets Barry [or insert any number of recent HBO dark comedies… or Election] as Ryan Murphy foregoes ever sleeping to bring us this peek into a brutal battle for one high school’s student presidency. It features Ben Platt as the titular politician, supporting roles by two Academy Award nomination magnets in Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Lange, and cameos by Bette Midler AND Judith Light!

Transparent [Amazon Prime]
Say goodbye to the Peffermans with a two-hour musical finale, and pass the tissues.

Room 104 [HBO, 11p]
The Duplass’ anthology show – as Forrest would say – is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. But it will likely be creepy an make you think. And the episode is called “Itchy” so make of that what you will.



  • On Fresh Off The Boat‘s sixth season premiere, Evan has feelings for a girl, and having watched the past five seasons of this show on ABC, we’re sure that Jessica will have zero opinion on this and feel no type of way about her youngest child and biggest fan’s betray…we mean crush on someone other than his mom.
  • Country singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson joins Daft Punk, Radiohead, and others in the musical anime fray with Sturgill Simpson Presents Sound and Fury on Netflix.
  • Netflix also unleashes its latest moody thriller — this one starring Jim Mickle as an ´80s cop on the edge battling a serial killer — with In The Shadow Of The Moon.


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