What To Watch: 09/26/2019

So, call this Screen Scholars Christmas as there’s just so much we are excited about — led of course by the return of the most remarkable show on network television as we begin to see the endgame of Mike Schur (or, knowing him and this show, over 800 reboots). Also, Kal Penn and Walton Goggins debut new half-hour comedies — as to Katherine’s final question below about the latter: probably.

Sunnyside [NBC, 9:30p]
Garrett Modi (Kal Penn), is a disgraced former-councilman who finds his new calling helping fight for immigrants rights in Sunnyside, Queens. I mean this already checks off two major boxes for me: a diverse lead and NYC backdrop, so I’m def going to give it a go!

The Unicorn [CBS, 8:30p]
A lot of us are fans of Walton Goggins here (and even bigger fans of Michaela Watkins!), but feel admittedly iffy on the new CBS comedy. Goggins is a widowed father who becomes very popular in the singles scene due to the fact that he’s not the worst. Does CBS not know that a unicorn is also a person willing to join a previously existing couple for a threesome? Is everyone in the CBS office a Boomer?

Creepshow [Shudder]
King fans rejoice! The 1982 movie classic returns as a horror anthology series on the Shudder streaming service! Just in time for the Halloween season! Where’s my cake?!!?

The Good Place [NBC, 9p]
Welp, not much left to say, but here we go! We have a million theories and are absolutely sure (Schur?) that every one of them is dead wrong.



  • By our count, Evil is the second show from CBS that sounds like a real-world version of 30 Rock‘s “God Cop.” In any case, this one is from the Kings, who DID create one of the best melodramas in recent TV with The Good Wife, but can tend to get a bit heavy-handed with weightier material. However, this has The Good Wife‘s affable sociopath Mike Colter as a Godly man teamed with a skeptic played by Westworld‘s Katja Herbers.
  • Patricia Heaton returns to television only a year removed from her nine years in the underrated uber-sitcom The Middle. It’s the unironically-titled Carol’s Second Act, and on it she’s an empty nester who decides to embark on a late-in-life medical career.
  • And, look, we’re all about Bradley Whitford, but NBC’s Perfect Harmony sounds at best problematic as Whitford stars as a Princeton music teacher who fishes out of the New Jersey water to head a church choir who will — just a guess — teach him as much as he teaches them. But this does have a cool cast and is written by Lesley Wake Webster, who gave us the woefully underappreciated Life In Pieces, so who knows.
  • Last season’s finale of NBC’s Superstore ended on a surprisingly heartwrenching note as ICE cornered Mateo, unlikely alliances formed to try to protect him, sadly to no avail. This season opens on the same day as they try to regroup. Also, there’s a robot!

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