What To Watch: 09/24/2019

As the Fall TV persists at rolling in at an epic clip, it is surprisingly ABC that is getting the most love from our editors, who would seem to have our Tuesday appointment (or at least our DVRs) set through December.

Emergence [ABC, 10p]
Unlike yesterday, there’s a lot to be excited about, but how could I not lead with the return of one of my favorite actors to the sort of role in which she first caught my eye. In this new mindbender, Alison Tolman plays a Long Island police chief who, in her investigations, takes in a mysterious child with amnesia. Complicating things: that child might possess the answer to a baffling crime.

mixed-ish [ABC, 9p]
The Black-ish empire has expanded once again with its second spin-off. Loosley, loosely based on the early life of Dr. Rania Barris (co-creator Kenya Barris’ wife), we get a glimpse at the origin story of Rainbow Johnson and her hippie upbringing which should be super interesting. anyway I live for anything Tracey-Ellis Ross is in, and she is executive producer and narrator so sign me up!

This Is Us [NBC, 10p]
Once you think you know what to expect from this show, they are happy to prove you wrong. And that, my friend,s is pretty much promised in the tagline for season 4. Along with the new address for Randall and Beth the season four premiere trailer boasts lot of new faces to contend with. Which means new story lines, whether from the present or past. Will Toby and Kate get a divorce? Will Kevin ever find the”one”? I think I saw Omar Epps in that quick sequence along with Asante Blackk (When They See Us) which has my interest piqued. Just promise more of Phylicia Rashād and I’m in!

The Conners [ABC, 8p]
Emilio has been deported so it’s up to Jackie to step into the paternal role to help Becky. The Conners post-Roseanne struggles and triumphs continue for a new season. Come for the makings, stay the timeliness.

Bless This Mess [ABC, 8:30p]
My, it’s a big night on ABC! It’s Bless This Mess I’m most excited for (even if Mark-Paul Gosselaar is in mixed-ish at 9!) the charming, homey comedy about two New Yorkers trying to make it on a farm.



  • We don’t really know if Morris Chestnut’s addition to the cast of Fox’s medical drama The Resident will improve its lot, but it does have us talking about The Resident right now in this feature. So there’s that.
  • It’s a big night for the heart-tugging, pull-for-the-underdogs medical dramas as NBC’s unconventional doctor who follows his soul while working at the New Amsterdam also returns tonight.
  • It’s also a big night for shows whose demographics skew a certain kind of way as two of the NCISs — both the original NCIS and its second spin-off NCIS: New Orleans — return for their 17th and 6th seasons respectively.
  • Polarizing — by which I mean “sorta racist” (looking in your general direction, Shane Gillis) — puppeteer and comic Jeff Dunham releases his umpteenth special, this one on Netflix: Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself.
  • Returning to stuff we actually like, mixed-ish‘s progenitor black-ish ushers in its spawn with its sixth season premiere, during which Junior is settling in for his gig with Migos and Pops Fishburne has a surprise announcement. And it all happens on a place called ABC.

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