What To Watch: 09/20/2019

It’s a big day for understated humor and hunters of ghosts, and we’re gonna open with one of the more unlikely movie-length expansions.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie [Netflix]
The hilariously awkward web series featuring Zach Galifianakis asking celebrities from Jon Hamm to the last decent President insulting questions on a community cable set is as unlikely as, well, many shows that should have not worked for well over an hour’s length. This one’s conceit is that Galifianakis is on the road to better his rep after an accident involving Matthew McConaughey.

Disenchantment [Netflix]
Matt Groening’s polarizing fairy tale is back for a 10 episode Part two to the season. Princess Bean and the gang explore the land of Maru, which — of course, is not what it should be.

Ghost Hunters [Travel, 9p]
Atlanta’s premier ghost hunting team returns for season two!



  • Netflix’s latest procedural takes a few intriguing conceits which could be enthralling or disastrously dull. Criminal is essentially a 12-part anthology of bottle episodes set entirely in an interrogation room in a different international city each week.
  • In a sense, Hot Date is a spin-off of Adam Conover’s educational comedy half-hour Adam Ruins Everything, as it features his most frequent comic foils, Emily & Murph (real life husband & wife Emily Axford & Brian Murphy) in Portlandia-style multiple versions of different couples trying to escape the sometime banality of wedded bliss. Its second season debuts today on Netflix.
  • It’s a big release day on Netflix, as yet another release is a documentary from the (other) force behind An Inconvenient Truth, this one exploring the motivations of one of the richest men in the world: Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates.

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