What To Watch: 09/19/2019

Not only do we have new shows (as well as a primer for a returning show and the NBC return of a PBS classic) trickling in as we speed towards the big week of September debuts, we have a whole new forum as BET launches its new streaming service with two intriguing programs, and we’re leading with one of them.


First Wives Club [BET+]
This 1996 cult movie — based on a book and which also already spawned a friggin’ musical — would be among the last for which I’d be clamoring for a TV version. However, this one is from the director of the waaaay-better-than-it-had-any-right-to-be Girls Trip and stars two of my favorites in Jill Scott and Michelle Buteau, so color me in.

The Last Days of Phil Hartman [ABC, 9p]
All-around nice guy and comedic genius Phil Hartman was murdered 20 years ago. (I think his murder is when I got into true crime.) ABC promises “Stunning new details, new emotional interviews, and rare home video,” but the testimonies of his colleagues of his generosity are worth tuning in.

The Paley Center Salutes The Good Place [NBC, 9p]
The most timely and poignant sitcom on network TV is being honored with a Paley Center special tonight. If you read this website regularly you know how much we love it. This will be a nice way to prepare for the show’s final season which starts next week.



  • Based on the publicity photos of its two main shows, it seems the new BET+ streaming is combining the Rule of 3 with Black Girl Magic. Bigger tells the tale of a group of friends in Atlanta who ponder whether there’s more to life than the ones they are living.
  • NBC’s basking in the past as they get set for their next chapter as the network pairs the aforementioned TGP special with Return To Downton Abbey — a callback to a show that’s not even theirs. The movie drops tomorrow, about which we have mixed feelings as the original series ended on such a brilliantly positive note.

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