What To Watch:09/15/2019

While we have about a week to go for Fall TV (and watch this space for our preview next weekend), the premium cable demi-gods are in full swing. PBS showing it’s got game too.

Country Music [PBS, 8p]
Ken Burns turns his lens to the history of country music. Premiering tonight, the first two hours covers the origins of “hillbilly” country through 1933, by which time radios are omnipresent in the family home–as are the Carter Family and Jimmie Rogers.

Preacher [AMC, 9p]
Jesse faces temptation and Cassidy and Tulip hide Humperdoo. Preacher races towards its series finale without pulling any punches.

On Becoming A God In Central Florida [Showtime, 10p]
This show is on notice with me for its penchant for killing off animals, but man if it’s not intriguing to see where it will go. And it’s a breakout role for Mel Rodrigues who’s good in everything.



  • It was inevitable, but tonight Celebrity-We’d-Like-To-Forget-Is-A-Liberal takes his shots as Comedy Central adds him to Larry The Cable Guy and the shitty President he mediocrally portrays on SNL to the roast list for Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin.
  • On not-TV-HBO, Kendall falls even further (presumably) on Succession and the evangelistic fictional first family goes back in time on The Righteous Gemstones.
  • It’s easy to forget that before his stint as David Letterman’s sideman, Paul Shaffer had a career of his own, including a time on the worst SNL lineup and a classic cameo as Artie Fufkin in This Is Spinal Tap. For his new Axios show, Paul Shaffer Plus One, Shaffer interviews musicians like Blues legend Buddy Guy and Bones assistant’s daddy and longtime ZZ Top highlight Billy Gibbons.
  • While those of us at Screen Scholars (or at least Jason) love the Hollywood Handbook parodies of this show more, NBC’s The Masked Singer gets its preview tonight, but it should be docked at least a token for its featuring of NFL jerk, New England Patriot (of course) and possible rapist Antonio Brown last year and its dead giveaway of Tommy Chong.
  • Added bonus Sunday movie for fans of Lifetime’s special brand of gleeful exploitation as the delicious sounding Undercover Cheerleader debuts tonight.
  • And as fans of sausage sandwiches, funnel cake, and childlike wonder, we can’t help but honor the return of Carnival Eats on Cooking Channel.

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