What To Watch: 09/13/2019

Although we’re still a week and a few days from the official beginning of the Fall TV schedule, the streaming services are upping their game tonight with new content from the creator of Bojack Horseman (also, when’s  the new season… what is this, an Earth, Wind, and Fire concert, because we were expecting September) and one of the most thought-provoking comics out there ponders privilege, as well as a dark thriller straight-from-the-headlines rip’d.



Undone [Amazon Prime]
If you are a fan of existential cartoons on the vein of say… Waking Life or even Bojack (whose creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg co-creates this one), Amazon’s new animated series may be your bag. Staring Rosa Salazar as Alma a young woman who wakes up from a car accident and discovers she has a strange relationship with time.

Unbelievable [Netflix]
Based on a tragically true article and subsequent This American Life piece about a rapist who takes advantage of the lackluster response of police (at least at first) and the failure to listen to women, this true crime thriller is directed by Erin Brockovich‘s Susannah Grant and boasts a stunning cast, including Toni Collette and Merritt Wever.

Hello, Privilege, It’s Me, Chelsea [Netflix]
Chelsea Handler explores how white privilege affects American culture.



  • A gritty British police drama last aired in 2013 gets a revival and a late third series with a big push from Drake and a score by music (and crossword clue) legend Brian Eno, Top Boy pops up on Netflix today.
  • Despite the imprimatur of the Duplass Brothers and the power of HBO, Room 104 has flown mostly under the radar. Anthologies can be a hard sell. However, the third collection of these twisted tales are worth at least a peek.
  • One-time actor/director, and now more of a professional epicurean, Jon Favreau returns his contribution to the vibrant and vast travel-for-food genre, The Chef Show, on Netflix.
  • Showtime brings out the latest premium cable addition to the true crime documentary, and this one’s of the unsolved variety, with the dank five-part and aptly-explained-in-its-title Murder in the Bayou.

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