What To Watch: 09/06/2016

This Streaming Friday features the dramatic coming out of Sasha Baron Cohen, the return of a DC superhero team, a hip-hop docu-series’ dive into the East Coast-West Coast rivalry, and the latest stand-up round table moderated by a somewhat polarizing comedian. Also, Katherine reminds us conventional TV still has some fun finds.

The Spy [Netflix]
Sasha Baron Cohen gets to show off his serious acting chops as an ex-Mossad agent in this six-part mini-series from the creator of Homeland. While it’s hard to watch him without seeing his often schticky characters (especially when he has a moustache or when one of his handlers ends a sentence with “your wife”), he’s such an immense talent and early reviews are solid enough that it’s almost vital to see if his dramatic turn signals the coming out of the next Robin Williams or Jim Carrey.

Titans [DC Universe]
This DC show is back for a second season. Superboy, Aqualad… Deathstroke! Also, new characters and more Batman. How could you possibly need another reason to subscribe to the DC Universe streaming service.

Long Lost Family [Discovery Life, 9p]
Two separate cases come together when the investigators realize their clients, a mother and son, are looking for each other.



  • Netflix’s excellent Hip Hop Evolution moves on to the next episode (first of the third season), finding out how things were on the West Coast in the 1990s with the rise of Death Row Records.
  • Abrasive comedian Anthony Jeselnik debuts a new talk show, Good Talk With Anthony JeselnikIt’s on Comedy Central, it’s about the biz, and we might dismiss but the guest list is a who’s who of hip hilarity — including Kumail Nanjiani, Nick Kroll, and Tig Notaro.
  • Jack Whitehall returns with a third season of Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father, essentially Comedians With Dads Touring Countries.
  • Tony Hale has a new semi-animated Netflix series about an awkward chicken and we’re mentioning it third in the also-rans?! That’s how busy this Friday night is as Archibald’s Next Big Thing comes on today.
  • Not to be confused (thankfully) with the early-’10s VH1 series that gave you an inside peek into the marriages of DMX and Scott Stapp, Couples Therapy is a new Netflix documentary that’s getting some buzz for its look into the travails of relationships while avoiding the sort of flashy exploitation of that other one.
  • We’ll close with the surprisingly short list of new seasons of streaming foreign contact. All we got is the dropping of the second season of Spain’s 20-something intrigue Elite.

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