What To Watch: 09/05/2019

Games people play, you take ’em or you leave ’em — or you reference long-forgotten minor hits that give away your age. The NFL opens its 100th year as a game show with a simple concept and Kristin Bell’s hubby closes off its first.

Sunday Night Football [NBC, 8p]
Are you ready for some football? Well, it’s happening, so buckle up buckeroos. It’s the 100th Anniversary, so they’re pulling out one of the great rivalry for two teams from the league’s initial season, the Tonawanda Kardex vs. the Rochester Jeffersons. Of course, it’s Packers v. Bears and, yes, it’s Thursday night, but… yeah, I have no idea why they do that. Let NBC have its day-bending fun.

Spin The Wheel [Fox, 8p]
It’s the finale of Fox’s mariage between Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? and Wheel of Fortune. Will the Ponce Family win the $20 million in the wheel?

Two Sentence Horror Stories [The CW, 9p]
A Hatian grandmother moves in with her son. It doesn’t take long for her to realize there is something very wrong. That’s Two Sentence Horror Stories…



  • Ann Curry and a team of doctors continue to pursue that admirable goal of ending cancer with Chasing The Cure on TBS (and TNT).
  • We’re not saying that our culture’s obsession with all things Nazi is a tad creepy. It is, but we’re not saying it. Secret Nazi Ruins opens tonight on Science Channel.
  • Finally, the Cooking Channel checks out what comestibles are popular with the 18-22 set as they debut Campus Eats.

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