What To Watch: 08/25/2019

This week our featured programs take us to Florida, Maryland, and the pits of Hell (the current president got the electoral college votes of two out of three of these), so without further ado, it’s time to start running… our recommendations

On Becoming A God In Central Florida [Showtime, 10p]
On one hand, central Florida helped give us that orange nothing in the White House and for that I will never forgive it, but if this new dark comedy starring Kirsten Dunst about an ambitious water park employee and her scheme for greatness is any good, that’s the first step in healing.

Chesapeake Shores [Hallmark, 8p]
I find this show confusing and not at all accurate the ways of (ugh) Southern Maryland, but my ass is returning from a week frolicking in Ocean City, Maryland, spitting distance from the Chesapeake Bay, where this show is sort of set, so here I am. I guess what I’m saying is, that if I wrote a serious of romance novels that were set in the state I was raised in, I’d include some overalls, fresh corn and tomatoes, tractors, and the sense that these perfectly nice people voted for Trump.

Preacher [AMC, 9p]
Eugene finally catches up to Jesse.. but with the Saint of Killers involved, it probably won’t go as he has planned. Tulip makes her way to Cassidy as Starr continues to plot the apocalypse. Just another day in Preacherland!



  • That Duane “The Rock” Johnson sports agents show has now outlasted its bizarre Jack Black/Aasif Mandvi political farce HBO lead-in by four seasons now. May Ballers‘ pugs continue to run on a treadmill for five more years!
  • Speaking of TV energizer bunnies, you probably are either stoked for the return of Showtime’s little Rashomon-y narrative The Affair for its fifth season or absolutely stunned its showrunners are still running shows.
  • 50 Cent’s still got the Power for a sixth season on Starz, but like 90s pop-dancesters Snap! he might break your heart as the last five episodes don’t air til January.

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