What To Watch: 08/23/2019

It’s back — all the teenage sadness and angst you need returns for a third season. There’s also scads of comedy and music to consume, so step right up, here’s what our diligent editors recommend.

13 Reasons Why [Netflix]
Netflix renewed its most sensational show, but a different teen is dead this time–and maybe it was murder? Things have definitely taken a Riverdale-like turn.

Alice Wetterlund: My Mama Is A Human And So Am I [Amazon Prime]
You may remember this gleefully nerdy comedian from her guest spot as voice of sanity on Silicon Valley. She’s also a podcast whiz. Now she’s got her own stand-up special.

The National: I Am Easy To Find [Amazon Prime]
Rock and roll growlers The National have never crossed over completely, but they have a steady stream of passionate indie music fans. I love them also. This live capture finds the band playing music off their latest album, not coincidentally titled I Am Easy To Find.



  • More earnestly motherly humor comes from the online star duo #IMomSoHard with the debut of the pair’s first special on Amazon Prime, simply titled #IMomSoHard Live.
  • A third Amazon Prime commentary on the mundane and absurd comes from veteran Queens comic Alonzo Bodden as the streaming upstart (can we call the richest corporation in the world an upstart in any field?) unfurls Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight.
  • A new Hulu Documentary Jawline examines the life changes of Tennessee teen Austyn Tester as he rises on the internet celebrities charts.
  • It’s two teams without a Super Bowl title battling in a meaningless pre-season game as the NFL is on CBS for Bills vs. Lions.
  • If your TV-watching neighborhood includes the intersection of HGTV and Speed Channel well, thank Netflix as they debut the Canadian docu-series about classic car enthusiasts: Rust Valley Restorers.

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