What To Watch: 08/15/2019

We’re back, and just in the nick of time with one Lucy Liu going out, one coming in. Here’s our thoughts on tonight’s TV.


Why Women Kill [CBS All Access]
Marc Cherry definitely has a type, and the baby-faced showrunner known for a certain cult-classic aughts show whose name eludes me at the moment has a new creation featuring three wives with fine houses whose desperation levels are off-the-charts. While the possibility for exploitative narratives is also rather high, it does span three time periods and features Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste as the leads.

Elementary [CBS, 8p]
Call your parents and retired friends, it’s the series finale of Elementary, the NYC-based, modern take on Sherlock’s mysteries. Tonight battle with tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach. Plus also some todo regarding Jamie Moriarty!

Baskets [FX, 10p]
Ever had problems getting a pie through security? Then you can relate to what Christine goes through on this week’s episode of the quirkiest show on TV. Comedy and pathos make good company.



  • LeSean Thomas’ graphic novel about the dark bazaar of Gearbolt finally comes to life as Netflix debuts the long-awaited steampunk-ish anime of Cannon Busters.
  • Netflix also drops the second season of the Indian antihero drama Sacred Games, a police thriller centered around the pill-popping Mumbai police inspector Sartaj Singh.
  • Teresa’s power is sapped and that leads to chaos (and opportunists) as the cult-favored tales of Queen of the South continue on USA.
  • Two food fighting families (the Maniyas and the Nicholses) remain for the first finale of the American version of Family Food Fight on ABC.
  • The six-word memoirs of the TV frights genre? Two Sentence Horror Stories hits us with a second double shot tonight on the CW.
  • We go away for a few weeks and David Spade gets a Comedy Central talk show?! He is?? and he’s with?? Anyway, it’s Lights Out with David Spade. It was last night, but we had to comment.

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