What To Watch: 07/10/2019

A good mix of the real mixed with the absurd, told through casts that reflect the true America is what’s for TV dinner this Wednesday.



Florida Girls [Pop, 10p]
Did you know the Pop app has like, three ads? If you just finished bingeing Schitt’s Creek, you would too. You might also be on the edge of your seat for Florida Girls, a new comedy about real life struggles of the regular class. I’m pumped.

Snowfall [FX, 10p]
The Eighties crack fueled fever dream returns for a third season. Andre tries to make an investment in the community, while meanwhile a new cook enters the picture…

Are You The One? [MTV, 9p]
Last week Brandon and Remy were a confirmed no match which means they were definitely not one of the beams from the week before. This narrows it down a little, but the contestants really seem to be struggling with getting past physical attraction and into deeper connections.



  • Netflix’s latest comedy (in the vein of the now-on-Pop One Day at a Time) is Family Reunion, a throwback comedy about a clan from Seattle who find each other once more in Georgia. The reviews are mixed at best, but the cast is very good at looking just off camera with dripping disdain.
  • The buzz on Hulu’s 1700s prostitute period piece Harlots, starring the ever engaging Samantha Morton, has been quiet (quaint?) over two seasons, while earning universal rave reviews. The third season drops today so if you get a chance to check it out, let us know. We’re curious.
  • Oh, History Channel, what has become of you? OK, in fairness, it’s been like this for a long time, but damned if we’re not a little tempted by Battle of the 80s Supercars with David Hasselhoff. It’s kinda history… and the Hoff!
  • Only slightly more significant than last night’s MLB All-Star Game, ESPN doles out The 2019 Espys tonight.
  • If you’re feeling true crime-y, catch up on last night’s first part of I Love You, Now Die so you can be ready for the second part on HBO tonight.

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