What To Watch: 07/08/2019

Our rec’s contain three different kinds of chills…


Scream [VH1, 9p]
Ghostface is back! You had your doubts? Deion’s past comes back to haunt him. And in the Scream universe, that usually involves a body count. Welcome to the third season.

Chasing The Moon [PBS, 8p]
The first of this three-part series from American Experience looks at the race to the moon against the USSR.

The Bachelorette [ABC, 8p]
It’s hometowns time! Hannah will be visiting the final four men in their hometowns. I can’t believe we’re already so close to the end. Tonight is a big one. Meeting the family can either make a relationship soar to new heights or completely crumble. Here’s hoping Hannah gets some clarity tonight.



  • On History Channel tonight, it’s Chuck Norris’ Epic Guide To Military Vehicles, and that’s a very specific special (and a very different History Channel than when we — or most of our editors at least — were young). Start the jokes… … NOW!
  • Nat Geo looks back to 1986 for one of those moments that most alive then remember exactly where they were — the tragedy of the space shuttle explosion, with Challenger Disaster: The Final Mission.
  • If you want a space travel story with a happier ending and have not got your fill of moon landing memories, Nat Geo also has The Armstrong Tapes tonight, and that Armstrong is not ska-punk musician Tim.


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