What To Watch: 06/27/2019

It’s a relatively soft-bellied day, but not without some distractions. And the most important Part Two in a long while.

Anima [Netflix]
Paul Thomas Anderson releases a short film to coincide with the release of Thom Yorke’s new album, not shockingly also titled Anima. How am I picking this and not Brad?

Baskets [FX, 10p]
If you ever wanted to see Martha get drunk and ruin a pot roast, this week’s episode of this wonderfully quirky show is as close as you’re gonna get.



  • Last night’s debate had superstar Elizabeth Warren and the rest, but Beto O’Rourke did shine with his multi-lingual self, while Bill de Blasio stunned New Yorkers who wondered who this new fiery guy with the city’s accent was — they should make him mayor. Tonight, it’s the rest of the favorites as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg all wound up drawing straws into the 2019 First Democratic Debate Part 2. Steve Kornacki is scary excited. But then, when is he not.
  • Netflix’s latest import is from Malaysia, and Answer For Heaven hops on the angels coming down to Earth, in this case the tale of an angel who, disappointed in humanity’s recent lack of good deeds, takes up with a news crew, like you do.
  • The CW’s In The Dark has quietly been on the air for a whole season, and marks the occasion with a finale that has plans for Murphy and Dean and chances are they’re not ideal.
  • iZombies Rob Thomas continues to be a playful imp as this week’s brain du jour is that of a beauty contestant who had been in a coma since 1999. Expect some Backstreet Boys jokes. That Whazzup Bud commercial is ref’d in the promo, although that commercial did not air until December 20, 1999 so we’re gonna presume this show has come correct and our victim of the week did not slip into coma until that very last week. Continuity, my friends.

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