What To Watch: 06/25/2019

As the world spins towards chaos lately, we are reminded of anniversaries from another chaotic time, but one where hope felt a bit closer around the corner. Also, gangsters and teens.

Tiananmen: Seven Weeks That Changed The World [PBS, 9p]
Two very serious hours on PBS looks back on the 1989 Pro-Democracy Uprising in China. You know, the one where thousands died, and China is pretending is never happened.

Animal Kingdom [TNT, 9p]
To say Pope has been unstable this season is an understatement. But this week he learns where Smurf has been and, needless to say, he isn’t happy. This season just gets more tense as it gets more intense.

Good Trouble [Freeform, 8p]
Fresh off the heels of season one, Good Trouble is back and ready to go. This is the second episode in the season and everyone has some big choices to make.



  • It’s hard to argue with the title of a certain veteran stand-up’s latest Netflix special Mike Epps: Only One Mike — so we’ll leave it there.
  • Thirty-five years after 1984, and it’s become clear, we’re watching Big Brother almost as much as Big Brother is watching us. Its umpty-first season starts tonight on CBS.
  • Among the many child-size versions of cooking competitions, Chopped Junior is one, and its long-awaited 8th season starts tonight on Food Network.

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