What To Watch: 06/24/2019

Morrissey once claimed every day is like Sunday, well, this Monday is, but only in the aspect of the quantity and quality of new and returning television. So, with that awkward opening, let’s just segue right into the rec’s.

Years and Years [HBO, 9p]
Premiering tonight, this British series, starring Emma Thompson, begins in 2019 and promises to skip up to 19 years in the future, examining all of the terrible things bothering us every day.

Legion [FX, 10p]
If you think you understand what is going on in this show, I automatically don’t believe you. Well unless it’s later in the season. Noah Haley’s trippy, mind f*** take on the X-Men is back for a third and final season. Come for the psychedelic visuals stay for Aubrey Plaza’s villainous Lenny Busker.

Final Space [Adult Swim, 11:30p]
This animated show was already an underappreciated treasure, but now it adds two of my favorite voices and comic talents in Ron Funches and Jane Lynch.

The Bachelorette [ABC, 8p]
An emotional week last week left Hannah ready to throw in the towel. How will things progress next week? Will she finally send Luke P. home or will she continue to ignore the red flags waving aggressively in her face?



  • If you’re a fan of overtly preposterous doomsday scenario TV (and some of us are), Spectrum’s Curfew — the tale of an authoritarian government’s reaction to an outbreak where poor people can get to safety by winning a crazy race. The curfew comes from one of the overreactions.
  • If, and it is a binary choice, you are instead a fan of watching rich people in their natural environment… sort of, then you’ll be happy about the return of an MTV favorite with the debut of The Hills: New Beginnings featuring returning cast members alongside fresh meat.
  • On tonight’s Beat Shazam, the show’s creators promise “The Most Dominant Team Ever,” so all you champion song guessers who know you have not been on a TV set being asked leading questions by Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx, get pissed!
  • That basketball league just won’t give it up for 2019. We’ve had the excitement of a Canadian team stealing the championship trophy against all odds from the supposedly unbeatable Golden State Warriors. We’ve had the draft and found out “Iron Lion” Zion (as nobody calls him) is now a Pelican. But there’s still apparently awards to be won, so here we are with The 2019 NBA Awards on TNT. The good news is Shaq is THERE for it!
  • Yesterday Reelz profiled the ever-changing legacy of Michael Jackson. Tonight, they look behind the life of that other celebrity for whom June 25, 2009, was their last day on Earth. She was famous as an actress and model and for laughing with her head tilted back on the walls of many adolescent males in the late 1970s, but if you want to know more, watch Farrah Fawcett: Behind Closed Doors — and not even equally dead 1970s famous person Charlie Rich knows what goes on there.

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