What To Watch: 06/23/2019

We’ve got everything from zombies to acrobats to flip-flop house-flippers who may or may not also be pop-top steppers.

Highwire Live In Times Square With Nik Wallenda [ABC, 8p]
Who says there’s no sense of wonder left in New York City (let alone the world)? The famed Wallenda family still marches, but delicately, on a tightrope. This chilling, thrilling moment will be, of course, broadcast live.

Fear The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Strand, Sarah and Wendell’s rescue mission gets complicated… the other groups also struggle to complete their missions and we still aren’t close to figuring out the mysteries that have popped up. Oh and we have Dwight!

Beach Hunters [HGTV, 9p]
Tune in as hopeful buyers search for their dream home in the gulf breeze.



  • So, on TNT’s quirkily wonderful new tentpole, apparently Uncle Daddy’s sweet-seeming funboi Toby is a psychopath. So there’s that. And what has Desna gotten herself (and the girls) into with that damn casino. Oh, Claws!
  • And Luther, let’s not even get into what now with the star of THAT BBC series. We’re up to the season’s fourth episode. You can be sure it’s bad.
  • Let’s move on to something lighter. Reelz has got The Michael Jackson Story tonig… wait, he did WHAT?!?!?! Oh F F’s S, humanity!
  • We’ll just throw Smithsonian’s new historical docu-series Adolf Island in there while we’re already digging through the dregs of humanity.
  • OK, we can’t take it anymore, the 2019 BET Awards airs tonight and that should at least be a happy place.

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