What To Watch: 06/21/2019

Can we hatewatch a show from its very start. Jason will find out. Also, Marvel, comfort food, and an American Treasure[TM].

Mr. Iglesias [Netflix]
Saying I’m not particularly a fan of Gabriel Iglesias is putting it mildly — he practically single-handedly ruined Cristela Alonzo’s self-titled show with his stiff, broad mugging as essentially her stalker. That being said, I oddly find myself compelled to give his new show a chance. Partially, it’s how charming he’s been with co-star Sherri Shepherd on the promotional circuit. Mainly, based on clips, it looks like he may have learned and toned down his act to bring out a more natural humor at his core. We’ll see, won’t we?

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. [ABC, 7p]
Fitz and Simmons are finally reunited! But don’t think it will be that easy Marvel fans. They have do face their own demons before they can truly be together.

Diners, Drive-Thrus, and Dives [Food, 9p]
Tonight Guy tackles seafood as he samples salmon fish and chips, bouillabaisse and much more.



  • Starz adds another A-lister to its collection as Richard Gere stars as Caden Finch, a powerful London newspaper editor, in its latest drama MotherFatherSon.
  • Netflix continues to rival MSNBC for chronicling our locked up individuals, with the former focusing on the ladies. The docu-series Girls Incarcerated is their foray into the fates of younger convicts and returns for its second season today.
  • The premier streaming service brings back two more intriguing docu-series in The Casketeers about Maori funeral directors and The Confession Tapes concerning the very important and very in-the-news considering Netflix’s biggest current historical drama topic of false confessions.
  • The Travel Channel journeys further into the unreachable (well theoretically unreachable) realms with the new localized supernatural show Ghosts of Morgan City.
  • And of course, we’re right back to Netflix for the foreign series round-up where we’ve got Ad Vitam, futuristic sci-fi from France, Bolivar, a biography of the titular Simon logically enough from logically enough Colombia, and GO! Live Your Way, telling the sassy story of a gaggle of students at a Spanish performing arts school.
  • Amazon Prime is matching its streaming rival with its new and returning collection of shows from beyond our borders, well, in their case, specifically Japan. Documental is a Japanese twist on Last Comic StandingFinal Life is a dark, brooding police procedural, and Tokyo Alice tells the tale of the romantic trails between roommates.

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