What To Watch: 06/18/2019

Our first favorite program gets its first spinoff — well, not exactly a spinoff, but the mind behind one of Broad City‘s greatest supporting characters gets his own showcase. We also rec a new important documentary, the return of an inebriated, yet informative comedy, and a stand-up special from a workaholic.


Alernatino with Arturo Castro [Comedy, 10:30p]
It’s been a while since a new sketch comedy show has emerged, even longer for one fronted by a Latinx actor so we’re super excited to see what Arturo Castro (AKA Jaime from Broad City) has cooked up for us. While exploring what it means to be a male Latin millennial I’m sure he will be crushing down cliches and stereotypes one character at a time.

The Lavender Scare [PBS, 9p]
A one-hour look at Eisenhower’s enforcement to outlaw homosexuality, forcing thousands of people out of their damn jobs.

Adam Devine: Best Time of Our Lives [Netflix]
Adam Devine has made a pretty good career as the dude bro with a heart of gold. From workaholics to modern family he’s been pretty hard to miss in the cultural mishmash that is the 2010s. Now thanks to his new comedy special we can all see his take on stand-up.

Drunk History [Comedy, 10p]
The greatest collection of imbibed tale tellers returns from mid-season hiatus tomorrow to take on the bizarre as the theme is “Believe it… or Not.”



  • Robin Givens, shortly after her first major role on the 1980s sitcom Head of the Class, became known for people’s (often unfair and uninformed) opinions on her own ambitions, and now thirty years later she has Ambitions, her new series on OWN.
  • Callie has some soul searching to do as we enter the second season of Good Trouble on Freeform.
  • Jason Johnson’s family road trip rages on for a fourth season on TBS as the focus is on runaway Delilah on The Detour.
  • Science Channel brings storm chaser Josh Morgerman’s UK reality show Hurricane Man across the pond.
  • Last week, the second season debut of FX’s groundbreaking portrayal of NYC’s 1980s ball scene, Pose, timejumped to 1990 and served some really real realness as Pray Tell donned his activist hat to do brutal battle with AIDS and an uncaring government as Blanca had to confront her own mortality when the HIV-positive House Mother was confronted with her dangerous white blood count. The beat goes on tonight.

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