What To Watch: 06/14/2019

Another Friday more loaded than the fries at… well, not sure where I was going with that, but there’s a lot of new streaming — and a surprising amount of traditionally broadcast fare.

Los Espookys [Netflix]
It’s a Spanish-language horror-slash-comedy from Fred Armisen about a group of 20-somethings (think a 2010s update of the Scooby gang) who create fake supernatural scenarios, often of a ghoulish variety. It really could go either way, but the trailer makes it look promising.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones [Netflix]
We all cried a little when the news came out that Netflix was pulling the plug on its stable of Marvel shows, but at least we have 13 more episodes of Jessica Jones left. Will the era of marvel Netflix shows go out with a bang? We’ll soon find out!

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives [Food, 9p]
Tonight, Guy eats delicacies from around the globe, with British, Hawaiian, and Mexican delicacies.



  • Nicolas Winding Refn’s singularly dark vision hits the small screen with Amazon Prime’s Too Old To Die Young as Miles Teller (they grow up so fast) stars as a cop in search of the criminal who killed his partner, having to wade through a seedy, but oh-so-flashy underworld to find that lost soul.
  • In a similar vein, with Jett, Sebastian Gutierrez’s tale to tell is that classic one of a con artist lured back into the life for one last score. In this case, the thief is Carla Gugino and it’s on Cinemax.
  • Relatively lighter fare, Absentia returns for a second season, now on Amazon Prime, as Stana Katic’s ex-FBI agent, ex-six-year-coma-victim Emily Byrne still has to clear her name for some gruesome crimes.

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