What To Watch: 06/13/2019

It’s the season of deaths and rebirths as two of television’s oddest ducks return for their latest seasons — one online, the other on cable — and two more conventional programs close their doors for the season, and sadly in the case of our new favorite bar-based sitcom, it’s probably one and done unless it finds a new home for itself and all its tiki.

Baskets [FX, 10p]
Zach Galafanakis’ quirky but lovable study on depression and family is back for another season tonight — its fourth. Come for Zach playing twins. Stay for Loius Anderson’s sublime performance as their mother. This one focuses on the cat named Ronald Reagan.

Strange Angel [CBS All Access]
While CBS’s conventional content is about as edgy as a dull knife (although admittedly that blade was probably somehow still used for some truly gruesome acts on the network’s tentpoles), its online component is where it takes some genuine chances. One of those is this bizarre headscrew that often reads like American Horror Story set as an episode of Black Mirror, but is actually based on the true (and truly bizarre) story of the Satanist who was one of America’s early rocket scientists.

Abby’s [NBC, 9:30p]
The gang forces their landlord to invite his ex-wife to the bar so they can swindle the divorced couple out of season tickets (behind home plate!) for the Padres. I would mockingly ask how the Padres are even doing, but I can not say for certain that I wouldn’t be tempted to bully a perfectly nice (if not annoying) man for Os tickets and Baltimore is not known for its baseball prowess.

Project Runway [Bravo, 9p]
The season finale of Project Runway airs tonight as we find out which designer will come out on top. How will they handle last minute challenges? I’m looking forward to seeing the full collections on the runway.



  • Facebook Watch seems like either the most logical or most ridiculous place for that classic show about what happens when people stop being friends, and start becoming real. The Real World returns in its streaming form — with three different versions filmed in three locations, the U.S. one is more specifically in Atlanta — and with the complete season dropping at once, you don’t have to wait weeks to see who the seasons’ Puck is.
  • Also set in Atlanta, the third season of Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta on WE tv brings in the family of Waka Flocka Flame.
  • Freeform’s mermaid mystery returns to finish its second season after its midway break. Siren finds Ryn on dry land and hopefully adjusting better than Daryl Hannah did.
  • On today’s Netflix foreign shores round-up, we have the movie The 3rd Eye 2 — a thriller’s sequel from Indonesia, Jinn tells a supernatural high school tale from Jordan, and Kekeguirui is the latest anime to drop from Japan.

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