What To Watch: 06/11/2019

On Sunday, one over-the-top drama returned, and now, Tuesday, it’s the king of serving realness itself. Yes, the category is game show sass and the Whammy is back to… no, of course, we’re talking about Pose, that captivating snapshot of the 1980s NYC drag scene. But, yes, one of the best quizzes also makes it back to the air as prime time game shows are apparently a real (spectacular) thing now.

Pose [FX, 10p]
It’s 1990 and we are not only in a new decade it’s now the year Madonna’s song “Vogue” will come out and bring ballroom culture to the mainstream. How will this play out? We’ll have to wait and see, babies! This season brings our favorite chosen families back for more self-love and more avant-garde fashion realness. Besides the new decade, we’ll see the AIDS crisis continue to be a major storyline with how some of my fave members continue to deal with their diagnosis and also how grassroots organizations were founded at that time to help. But mostly, I’m just looking forward to more touching family moments from our favorite houses.

Press Your Luck [ABC, 10p]
We may never get the once-promised Bill Murray movie about the dude who figured out this gloriously ridiculous prize show’s patterns, but we do get another bite at the apple (one that a Whammy has almost certainly hid a bomb inside). A plus: Elizabeth Banks is hosting.

Animal Kingdom [TNT, 9p]
Pope continues his slide into dangerous behavior and mental breakdown. Frankie’s job gets more and more complex. Smurf decides she needs answers. What could possibly go wrong?



  • Leonardo DiCaprio narrates his second attempt to shake this world into the reality that we are deeply screwed climate-wise (and the current political climate ain’t helping). Ice on Fire was a showstopper at Cannes and focuses on the specific threat of Arctic methane emissions, which sounds esoterically harmless, but could very well kill all life on Earth (and we don’t have an Earth Prime). HBO, the home of great docs, airs it tonight.
  • Two dudes from L.A. travel the world to escape their comfort zones on Viceland’s Jasper & Errol’s First Time in a show that may or may not have been created by a VICE random generator.
  • We’ve lost track of which reality tattoo show Ink Master is, but it’s back tonight for its twelfth{?!} season on Paramount, and if you are more curious, click the link.
  • There’s yet more heartland competition with the new Lifetime reality series Cheerleader Nation, which is pretty exactly what it sounds like.

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