What To Watch: 06/07/2019

It’s another busy Friday with Netflix throwing out a seemingly endless supply of new content to see what sticks.

I Am Mother [Netflix]
A teenage girl is raised by AI. Everything is peachy until a stranger shows up. The newest Netflix sci-fi is an emotional study of what makes us human. If you like Black Mirror and Terminator, this is right up your alley.

Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City [Netflix]
OITNB’s Lauren Morelli brings us an update — and it’s a continuation, not a remake — of the enchanting miniseries-long adulation of San Francisco culture. Many from the original 1993 cast, including Olympia Dukakis and Laura Linney, return to bring some more stories from Maupin’s novels to life.

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives [Food, 9p]
Tonight, Guy is traveling far and wide for the best bites. From Jamaica to Georgia, It’s time to eat some pork.



  • Actor/Director Jon Favreau has a definite more laid back attitude towards presenting culinary excitement than Sir Guy, but it is not for lack of passion for the central position of food in living, and his latest eats-with-friends series, The Chef Show, debuts on Netflix tonight.
  • If you haven’t caught it yet, you’ve probably seen 3% somewhere on Netflix, as contrary to some of its famous series that you oddly have to hunt down (no, I’m not looking for Bojangles, Netflix), this sci-fi series has been hard-promoted on the service. The Brazilian series about a dystopian society where poor people have a shot to live in offshore affluence, but only the titular percentage survive the application process (and in many cases we mean survive literally) returns for a third season.
  • If you thought Kiefer Sutherland’s post-government wipe-out show Designated Survivor was long done, well, don’t feel bad, because many of us did too, and we follow this sort of thing for a living. It’s simply moved to Netflix and its third season also begins today.
  • DS has nothing on Battlebots, which is on its third and fourth channel, Discovery and Science respectively, and returns for an eighth season on both. We presume at least one circular saw will be sighted.
  • Showtime takes on the long and winding road of Chelsea Manning — champion of freedom and transparency to some, criminal to others — with a documentary boasting extraordinary access to the subject herself, and a name from her Twitter handle, XY Chelsea.
  • Hulu’s polarizing holiday-themed horror series returns in time for… Arbor Day? Flag Day? We’ll look it up. In any case, Into The Dark: They Come Knocking unfurls today. Aaaah, Father’s Day. Which begs the question: couldn’t they have just got the fathers a nice tie?

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