What To Watch: 06/06/2019

It’s the seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day and there’s a big hunk of programming around that, including a new HBO doc with never-seen-before footage. However, tonight’s television will hardly live in infamy and we can’t believe we wrote that so let’s just get into our choices.

Project Runway [Bravo, 9p]
The final four are hard at work on their collections! Get ready for home visits with Christian Siriano, last minute challenges, and more. Only three will get to show their full collections.

Life In Pieces [CBS, 9:30p]
This sweet prismatic show with a near-A-list cast is going out about as quietly as it came in, but if you have not checked it out, tonight’s as good a day as any — and if you like there’s four seasons to binge. Tonight’s four stories center around parenting.

Klepper [Comedy Central, 11:30p]
Jordan and Kobi spend time with two groups — one white and one black — who advocate and use guns for very different reasons. I miss The Opposition, but Jordan Klepper still makes powerful TV.



  • It’s got an eye-popping and lighthearted title and while the image above from Unspouse My House espouses (see, we can get into the spirit too) pure joy, it’s about one of the darker periods in life — that moment you need to get an ex’s memory out of your living space. It’s hosted by Orlando Soria and debuts tonight on HGTV.
  • That HBO documentary we mentioned earlier is The Cold Blue which features new footage from William Wyler taken from the front.
  • C&C move over. Mr. T, get out of the way, Ms. T’s Music Factory features Temmora as she manages her daughter’s group Karma along with a host of other youthful performers and wouldn’t you like to see the inner workings? We should be so lucky… and we are as we have this new Lifetime reality show.
  • A&E’s newest reality show is Hero Ink and its title sums it up perfectly as first responders get well-deserved and reverent tattoos.
  • It’s Naked & Afraid only with more clothes and less fear as History Channel’s Alone chronicles survivalists in their natural element — nature! It’s back for a sixth season.
  • This week’s brain du jour on The CW’s iZombie is matchmaker, so Liv should be fun on tonight’s episode of The Quirky Dead.

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