What To Watch: 06/05/2019

Tonight’s the return of two streaming TV titans which real life has unfortunately decided to mood match — both have three new episodes for you to binge. We’re also three episodes from the end of the line for our favorite American telenovela.

Black Mirror [Netflix]
The dank sci-fi anthology is back with three new episodes! Don’t know much about them, but really at this point does that even matter? New episodes of this show are an EVENT. We should all get the day off to watch all three.

The Handmaid’s Tale [Hulu]
We return for a third season of Michael Pence’s fever dream with June on the run and Gilead still looking like a bleak vision of our future. The first three episodes are on Hulu now, so we’ll talk to you again in about three hours, no?

Jane the Virgin [The CW, 9p]
Last week, Jane and Rafael had Mateo tested for learning disabilities. Rafael and Jane navigate co-parenting with new knowledge of how to help Mateo succeed. Meanwhile, Alba and Jorge are moving in together for real. Jane is starting to feel a little uncomfortable living with these newlyweds.



  • Cheating has consequences, and after a few months off the air, Zoey finds out what they are on the mid-season return of Freeform’s Grown-ish.
  • As country music inches towards hip-hop and vice versa, they are still handing out the statues individually. The CMT Music Awards for 2019 are doled out tonight.


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