What To Watch: 06/04/2019

The last couple days have been kind of the calm before the storm (be ready for a relentless flurry of June returns and debuts), but there’s some great stuff between the Moms — both Dance and Teen — cracks.

Oslo Killing [Sundance Now]
Scandinavians have owned dark thrillers almost to the level Kenyans rule long-distance running, so why not throw their hats in the true crime version of the genres. This docu-series adds the angle of being from the perspective of the victim’s now-49-year-old daughter, the only witness to her mother’s grisly 1974 murder.

Animal Kingdom [TNT, 9p]
The friction between Smurf and her family continues to grow. Frankie is sniffing around another big score that could have deeper consequences for Craig. Just another day in the kingdom of animals.

The Bold Type [Freeform, 8p]
The big election is finally here (this campaign seems to have been very short). Kat is trying to come to terms with what winning this election will actually mean. Is she ready for such a big life change?



  • Haters Back Off! never truly caught on in its Netflix run (we blame the haters), but Colleen Ballinger has kept her off-key, off-kilter “Miranda Sings” character going strong for over a decade. Today Netflix keeps her voice alive with the special Miranda Sings Live… You’re Welcome.
  • The latest clan to get a reality show to memorialize their lives is the Radke family. They’re from East Texas, they’re on USA’s The Radkes, and their key element seems to be that they are loud.
  • Speaking of loud, Dance Moms. Lifetime.
  • Before BTS, before One Direction, there was the Jonas Brothers, and it’s well overdue for a movie chronicling their rise, fall (well, define fall), and rise again. Jonas Brothers: Chasing Happiness actually sounds kinda somber, but what’s in a name. Also, they once spent a day just hanging out a desolate stadium in Newark to try to get us all to not text-and-drive, so what’s not to like? It’s available anytime on Amazon Prime.
  • Chi-town’s celebration of the joy of tattoo has made it to five seasons, and that very fifth iteration of Black Ink Crew: Chicago on VH1 returns tonight after a brief break.

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