What To Watch: 06/02/2019

So, June has decided it can sweep now too, and so we have two major returns — the angriest sexy (or the sexiest angry cop) and the zombie spinoff — along with a new vampire series featuring a funky name — Zachary Quin-to? — and another on Epix with a very busy casting director, while the folks at Lifetime want to prove UnREAL was not a fluke. So, what now?

Luther [BBC America, 8p]
After a three year hiatus, Luther and Alice return for the 5th season. YES – [SPOLIER] we thought she died somewhere between seasons 3 and 4 but surprise! You can’t just kill off a character like that! Luther will put on the coat one more time and start the cat and mouse game again with a few other storylines built in for a special four-night event on BBC.

Fear The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
A new era for our little band of survivors starts tonight for a new season. The group is on a mission to help as many fellow survivors, but as they venture into uncharted territory the only thing they can count on is uncertainty!

Worst Cooks In America [Food, 9p]
Season sixteen comes to a close as Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence test their chefs in the final week of bootcamp.



  • AMC knows to pair the meat of zombies with a fine wine like vampires, and thus the quirkily named NOS4A2 debuts tonight alongside Fear. It is from the pen of Stephen King… ‘s son Joe Hill, and stars Zachary Quinto as an evil vampire who sends captured souls to a place called Christmasland. Only one woman can stop him.
  • Epix is not fooling around in its quest to throw its hat in the mix as the home for quality TV; “modern noir” Perpetual Grace, LTD boasts a pair of Oscar winners in that sexy beast Jacki Weaver and Ben Kingsley and  — along with Sunny and Westworld star Jimmi Simpson, Lost‘s centerpiece Terry O’Quinn, Community statue Luis Guzman and many others.
  • The newest Lifetime scripted series can point to producers from two of the best and buzziest streaming series (OITNB, GLOW), even if it does possess the most Lifetime-y of titles in American Princess — ok, maybe that’s more Hallmark-y. Lest you cynics scoff, this is the network that dropped one of the tightest fictional dramas of the last decade in UnREAL.
  • Canadian former-big-city lawyer Joanna Chang (played by Kristin Kreuk) returns for a second season on The CW as she settles back into her small town on Burden of Truth.
  • We’re nakedly afraid to know what Naked & Afraid: XL is, but its back on Discovery so feel free to peep the trailer.
  • It starts with counselor (presumably) Jon Taffer waggling his finger at a couple, so we’ll let you fill in the jokes — Marriage Rescue debuts on Paramount tonight. Don’t call on us, however, as we’re still too busy saving Jewel’s soul.
  • We’ll leave you with the Science Channel’s The Truth About The Moon Landing. Given that it’s on the SCIENCE CHANNEL, we’re pretty sure it won’t make Buzz Aldrin want to punch them, but in our current up-is-down times, who even knows anymore.

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