What To Watch: 05/29/2019

We do love our food and drink here at Screen Scholars — heck, that’s why the extra section has a beer reference even though it does not really fit any theme we have here. So we’re all extra excited about the return of one of the best cooking competition shows this side of Iron Chef. We’re also saddened by the seasonal exit of one of the funniest vampire shows to come along in awhile. Also, that animated spy show changes its surroundings again so it can party like it’s… well, you know.

MasterChef [Fox, 8p]
Tonight is the premiere of season 10. I love these head to head battles, it’s a great way to get to know each chef before the real competition starts!

What We Do In The Shadows [FX, 10p]
A lover from Nadia’s past returns. It’s a safe bet Laszlo will not be pleased. Nandor visits a descendant. The reboot of the New Zealand vampire movie‘s impressive first season will surely continue to deliver on the humor. The vampire out of time is the new fish out of water.

Southern Charm [Bravo, 8p]
While the women juggle their personal lives and careers, Craig spreads gossip all over town. Shut up, Craig.



  • So now Archer is re-named Archer: 1999 and takes place in space, because of course it does. Any over/under on how quick they get to the first Great Gazoo meta joke? It’s on FXX.
  • The major networks Summer shows are rolling out like clockwork, and tonight’s the debut of the latest NBC procedural, The InBetween, and its secret ingredients is ghosts.
  • Those brothers who aren’t brothers and who have their own home renovation show, Property Brothers, return on HGTV, and we have to admit we chuckled when we saw their ads about east coasters spoiling it for their west coast chums.
  • It’s the PBS version of a TED Talk as one of the most easily digestible physicists, Brian Greene, gives a lecture on Einstein. This may sound sarcastic, but actually we think Light Falls sounds like a whole heap of nerdy fun.
  • Finally, if you can’t get enough NCIS, CBS throws you a bone with the special NCIS: The Cases They Can’t Forget.

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