What To Watch: 05/26/2019

We’re wrapping up the May cavalcade of season finales, and tonight we have two of the better shows on television bowing out for the year. We also rec an animated version of the current presidency and that reality show where naked people are dropped into a jungle — all of whom would do a better job leading this country.


Good Girls [NBC, 10p]
What is it about Sunday night shows that they tend to be both hard and satisfying to watch? In any case, a second exhausting season of Good Girls comes to a close with Turner holding all the cards and Rio actually showing Beth some respect. It’s another point for crime, and crime now leads about 20-3.

Our Cartoon President [Showtime, 8p]
Like many of you reading this, I remember what it was like when America wasn’t a fascist dystopia. But, sometimes all you can you do is try to make the best of it. That’s what Stephen Colbert’s animated show is all about. In this week’s episode the president of MyPillow helps Trump declare war on corporate America. You laugh or you cry. Or most likely both.

Naked And Afraid [Discovery, 10p]
An all new episode where two naked strangers test their strength and will to survive. Tonight they take on a post-hurricane Nicaraguan jungle.



  • We have reached the 2019 version of American Ninja Warrior: All-Stars on NBC, and apparently being an all-star ninja means getting to hang from giant clip chips.
  • Speaking of cartoon presidents, today we get a patriotic celebration that so far he hasn’t planned to ruin by awkwardly inserting himself into it. 2019’s National Memorial Day Concert will be aired on PBS, hosted by treasures Joe Mantegna and Mary McCormack, and features the London Symphony Orchestra and others paying tribute to fallen heroes. Yes, an entertainment site can be liberal, hate war and still respect the sacrifice soldiers paid.
  • You can also spend your day celebrating your four legged friends as Dean Cain (yes, that IS Dean Cain, John Mulaney!) counts down The Top Ten Greatest Animal Movies. Chuck Norris’ “classic” 1995 film Top Dog will probably not make the cut, but do yourself a favor and check that out one day when you have extra time on your hands. It’s truly awful!
  • If you still have not had the heart to say a “Farewell to Westeros,” you can get one last official bite of that particular dragonfruit as HBO airs an hourlong featurette about the end of that era: Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch.
  • The best show that only half the people who should be watching are doing so, Killing Eve, has the titular Eve (Sandra Oh) facing a mission that goes way sideways in its season 2 finale, so, if not now, when? It’s on BBC America AND AMC waiting for you.

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