What To Watch: 05/24/2019

Renee Zellweger returns to the small screen (unless you watch your Netflix in a movie theater) as the first Marvel series to hit television ramps it up to pack it up for the season. And, as always, PBS’ weekly Broadway spotlight is a whole lot of fun.

What/If [Netflix]
The latest anthology series to hit the market deals with morality — but with a noir savoir faire, and in its first streaming season (available now) Renee Zellweger indecent proposals a young couple. Cool! Coolcoolcool!

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD [ABC,  8p]
Simmons and Daisy hold their own as Fitz and Enoch take their chances at an intergalactic casino. Meanwhile Carlson’s evil doppelganger will prob create more problems.

Live From Lincoln Center [PBS, 9p]
Tonight Megan Hilty, known for numerous Broadway roles and NBC’s Smash, performs live! Get ready to hear some musical favorites.



  • Anyone can whistleblow, that’s what they say, but it’s certainly not easy — in spite of protections, you face loss of job, friends, along with a potential accusation that it is you who is the actual wrongdoer. We’re not usually fans of CBS’s whole Chicago Municipal Services series but profiling the brave women and men who stand up to power in order, Whistleblowers, would seem a worthy watch.
  • It’s become like clockwork that on Friday, Netflix will have a new imported series, and this one looks like a doozy. High Seas is a Spanish oceanic mystery set in the 1940s and centered on sisters Eva and Carolina who take a cruise for the usual frivolities, but the tone changes drastically when they stumble across a dead body — and it’s MURDER!


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