What To Watch: 05/11/2019

What used to be a dumping ground is getting busier and busier — although part of it may be Hallmark and Lifetime’s movies becoming more self aware (the stalker prom serial killer singularity must be just around the corner… it’ll probably still be awhile, but could not hurt to check on Meredith Baxter).

My Dad Wrote A Porno [HBO, 10p]
The hit podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno comes to HBO for a comedy special. It may be uncomfortable. It may make you question your relationships with your parents. But it will be Funny as Hell[TM].

Homekilling Queen [Lifetime, 8p]
It’s a classic conceit, and it’s tonight’s plot on Lifetime! A “gorgeous, deranged” teenager is totes up for murder to get the crown. She’s the daughter of a wealthy, supportive mother. No one’s mentioned that if you’re homecoming queen you can’t be prom queen, though? And you have to come back next fall, when you’re away at school, to pass the crown? Ugh, it’s not worth it!



  • Emma Thompson and the Jonas Brothers comprise the medium level of relevancy SNL this week. Ah, right, the Jonas Brothers are all moms.
  • For Hallmark’s gentle yin to Lifetime’s raging yang, A Feeling of Home features Jonna Walsh as a New England webhost who has to return to her childhood ranch in Texas where she’s thrust back into the path of her ex-boyfriend played by Nathan Parsons.
  • While Reelz Channel’s The Real Story Of… exposes the stories behind famous biographical film. This season starts tonight with a look at the mistaken identity that fueled the plot of the classic 1968 film about the Boston Strangler.
  • Someday this country will care about hockey. NBC has banked on it and hopes it will start tonight… but that’s probably a long shot. In any case, the NHL Stanley Cup Western Conference Finals between the St. Louis Blues and San Jose Sharks should be exciting, and starts tonight.

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