What To Watch: 05/10/2019

There’s way too much on tonight for an intro — including an ultra-meta Lifetime movie that its own network seems to be willfully underpromoting, so (as the kids say) let’s do it to it (presuming these kids are in 1972).

Wu Tang Clan: Of Mics & Men [Showtime, 9p]
Mass Appeal has become the archival arm of a music that in its earliest stage four decades ago resisted any idea of permanence. Tonight comes the debut of MA head’s Sacha Jenkins’ docu-series on Staten Island’s sprawling collection of superstars (both individually and as part of a unit), the Wu-Tang Clan.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. [ABC, 8p]
Season six begins as the agents face a new enemy with an eerily familiar appearance.

My Mother Was A Serial Killer [LMN, 8p]
A young woman finds herself targeted by a copycat killer (or is it?) when she reaches out to her birth mother, a convicted (and imprisoned) serial killer. A ridiculous work of fiction, pass the popcorn!



  • While it’s classified as YA, as with much of the genre, The Society, a chiller about a group of teenagers who wake up to find their parents gone, sounds like entertainment for all ages.
  • Check out the hyperlinked trailer of Sneaky Pete‘s third season for, sadly, one of the last performance of magician and actor Ricky Jay. The tale of the undercover con man returns today on Amazon Prime.
  • While it was a top three hit twice, for The Tokens and Robert John, was featured centrally in one of the biggest grossing films of all time, The Lion King, and provided the background music for thousands of commercials and trailers, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” did not pay off in royalties to songwriter Solomon Linda, who  died in an unmarked grave. While Remastered: The Lion’s Share is not the first documentary to try to right the wrong for his heirs, it does benefit from Netflix’s megaphone of a platform.
  • Real orange is the new fictional orange (is the new… black?) as Netflix also releases Jailbirds, a docu-series about real Sacramento prisoners.
  • It’s Friday, so there’s still a lot of Netflix to sift through, so we’ll bear down with Easy, the sorta anthology with a sorta repertory and a lot of familiar actors with endless sexually charged conversation. It reaches its third season today.
  • More Netflix: Dry Martina comes from Chile and features Antonella Costa as the titular character who becomes ensnared in an “escapade” when she encounters a fan and more than encounters her fan’s ex-bae (the kids mentioned earlier are now in 2013).

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