What To Watch: 05/09/2019

Of all the Daily Show correspondents to spin off into their own series, its whitest, malest one has hewed perhaps closest to his role on the mothership with his second series on Comedy Central where he builds off his guns special from a couple years ago to do half-hour long field pieces about issues gripping America. Also tonight, we recommend new episodes from the Cloud 9 gang and the runway with the most drag outside LaGuardia.

Klepper [Comedy, 10:30p]
The Opposition may be no more, but Jordan Klepper is back with a new eponymous show. In tonight’s series premier Jordan hangs with a group of Iraq veterans who put on wrestling shows to deal with their PTSD.

Superstore [NBC, 8p]
Jonah starts an elaborate game of laser tag, which is probably cancerous but otherwise fine since corporate cut everyone’s hours. Does this show get an audience, because there’s a lot of labor-related issues I’d like America to understand.

RuPaul’s Drag Race [VH1, 9p]
It’s makeover time! This week the current queens are tasked to give makeovers to the eliminated queens. Any bitter queens looking to sabotage the current contestants? I certainly hope so.



  • It’s the reboot maybe somebody somewhere was asking for as Fox brings back its bombshells in a tropical retreat reality competition extravaganza, Paradise Hotel.



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