What To Watch: 05/08/2019

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making us believe a fourth season would not exist. But here we are and, after vanishing Keyser Soze-style, Lucifer with a full season to binge on Netflix. Our guess is, after that, you will never hear from again. Or maybe you will. Probably depends on how many people watch. We also recommend love/hatewatching a well-casted but underachieving sitcom’s possible series finale, and an almost series finale of our favorite Virgin mom.

Lucifer [Netflix]
This dark serial returns as a Netflix original for season 4. Eve comes to town and starts shenanigans. Chloe has seen his true face. Things are changing for this devil in the City of Angels.

Single Parents [ABC, 9:30p]
It’s the season finale in this often unwatchable show starring comedians who deserve better and Will (Taran Killam) and Angie (Leighton Meester) are going to confront Angie’s ex, who left her when she was pregnant. I unwittingly watched the talent show episode, and so help me, if Will and Angie don’t at least kiss, I will lose it. There’s too much tension, and they’re too perfect, for this crappy show to deny their destiny!

Jane The Virgin [The CW, 9p]
Jane is still trying to untangle her feelings about Michael and has agreed to go off to Montana with him for a couple of days. It’s the only way for them to see what their relationship could be like now and not be haunted by their past. Meanwhile Petra and JR are taking steps forward in their relationship and Xiomara is dealing with early menopause.



  • The long-running show with the greatest swing from hit-to-miss ends its tenth season on ABC. Modern Family has usually thrived on episodes involving celebrations, high concept and wide farce and “A Year of Birthdays” promises all three.
  • Nick Sax is not Happy! like the song of the same name, and if you spy him clapping along as if he were a room without a roof, I’d suggest swiftly crossing to the yon side of the street and preferably on the other end of the globe. Tonight’s episode of Syfy’s craziest comedy(?) promises an “f-ed up family dinner.”
  • Speaking of f-ed up families, The CW’s Riverdale, or the Crypt Keeper’s take on Archie Comics features Archie, Betty, and Veronica dealing with different secrets, while Jughead may be close to unraveling the greatest one of all — the identity of the Gargoyle King.
  • There’s a Barr not testifying, McGahn’s lying up in frights, Trump is denying Dems in Congress the full, unredacted contents of the Mueller Report — Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, where aaaaare you? Oh, TBS
  • Change that first T to a P and you’ll see the latest episode of NOVA, which also fights a good fight that the current leaders are ignoring — climate change, in the form of the California wildfires, which in 2018 just got more dangerous and deadly.
  • And we’ll just end by saying Zombie House Flipping on A&E — well, it’s not what we (and probably you) wish it was. Nope, much sadder. Sweet dreams!

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