What To Watch: 05/07/2019

We’ve got old favorites, way older favorites, and a new, hard-hitting documentary about a sadly old story. Let’s go!

Foster [HBO, 8p]
A look at multiple stories about kids in Los Angeles foster homes and the surrogate parents who take them in. Always there for an HBO Documentary, especially one that shines a light on the American foster system.

The Bold Type [Freeform, 8p]
Sutton and Richard are taking another step in their relationship and hosting a dinner party, Kat has officially decided to run for city council, and Jane is working with Jacqueline to uncover a major story about an abusive photographer.

It Happened One Night [TCM, 8p]
Because Capra’s romantic comedy (starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert) are always better than Hallmark’s offering (Love On the Menu, where a hardened chef finds love and inspiration in frozen food) or Suburban Swingers Club (Lifetime Movies, natch).



  • Real Housewives of San AntonioThe Hills (of San Antonio)Sex & The City (of San Antonio)? Bravo’s Texicanas tells the reality tales of five socially active Mexican-American women in, well, San Antonio. One twist is that it’s told through the central figure of Penny Ayarzagoitia.
  • There’s one rule of Bite Club. Never talk about Bite Club. Wait, that would be a terrible way of marketing a program (although given that we’re talking about Food Network who feel its creations sell itself, it’s not far off). In any case, that joke and construct is old and long done. Yet, we did it. Stupid, stupid Screen Scholars! Some things to talk about the show: it’s hosted by celebrity chef Tyler Florence and its second season opens in Oklahoma City.
  • New Yorkers abroad comedy Bless This Mess keeps on with the awkward comedy on the Nebraska plains on ABC as Mike & Rio (Dax & Lake) try to catch a chicken thief.
  • Meanwhile, in The CW’s “Arrowverse,” The Flash gets super-creepy as super-villain(?) Cicada II threatens to unleash a meta-human epidemic.
  • If you long to go where the booze is cold but the piano’s hot, Bob & Gwen are hitting on hard times on this week’s installment of FX’s Fosse/Verdon, but isn’t that kind of the central conceit of the whole show?

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