What To Watch: 05/05/2019


While spring’s Sweeps Month is traditionally the one we are in now, it was last Sunday, still safely in the midst of April showers that HBO and others delivered knockout blows as the dragon show had its epic record-setting battle, the hit-man program whipped out a concept episode of genius, while the longest-running series on television laid waste to what was already a bit of a wasteland — Jason’s adopted hometown of Buffalo, New York and its Western and Upstate pals. What may the 5th de May offer? Let’s see, why don’t we…

Game Of Thrones [HBO, 9p]
The long-awaited Siege of Winterfell is over and it certainly didn’t go the way Cersei wanted it to. Now the Starks are coming for her and Arya is more of a badass than ever. One thing’s for sure; there will be a reckoning for the Lannisters.

Barry [HBO, 10:30p]
GoT was not the only HBO show to deliver a game-changing, appointment-TV episode last week featuring kick-ass young women, as this hit-man-tries-desperately-to-go-straight comedy(?) went full-concept as his cop-forced hit turned terribly wrong, to the tune of a feral pre-teen black belt biting off Fuches’ cheek. This week we find Barry Berkman turned back to the other sides of his life as he tries to fend off Noho Hank to focus on Sally and her play.

Charmed [The CW, 9p]
Harry is back! Tonight Harry, Maggie, Mel and Macy team up to fight upcoming evils. Macy is tapping into her demonside more and more, causing Mel and Maggie to worry.

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
Marge’s secret stash of money (how many of those does she have), which is Lisa’s college tuition fund (MARGE, GET A 529!) disappears. Deadline Springfield investigates, and I’m down for true crime documentary satire, tbh.



  • If Sunday’s your date night, and especially if you’re both tenured English professors, Starz debuts the period mini-series with a Catherine of Aragon/King Arthur twist: The Spanish Princess. Ok, maybe it’s not particularly for academics.
  • Similarly, if you believe in life after love, if you found someone to take away the heartache, especially if you got them… babe, you’ll probably be interested in the Reelz retrospective Cher: Do You Believe?
  • NBC’s Good Girls has a song as its episode title and it’s not the toot-toot, beep-beep antithesis of its title, but the Woody Guthrie classic that needs to be taken back, fascist-killer-machine style from some right-wing morons, but that’s neither here nor there. In “This Land Is Your Land,” Beth (of all people) is trying to go straight, but Ruby and Annie seem to still want to play with Rio — between this NBC trio and the aforementioned Barry, Sunday is the night of well-meaning, but totally exhausting criminals.
  • This week’s contender for most Lifetime Lifetime Movie of all Lifetime is tonight’s debut of Psycho Stripper — the stripper is a dude, by the way, and he would appear to be stalking, of course, dance instructor Amber, a week before her wedding, after appearing at her bachelorette party.
  • We complete the HBO line-up tonight with Veep as Selina Meyer has gone bad — badder than even usual, we mean we’re talking current president bad. And, if we know the way Veep thinks, we’re pretty sure either Richard or Jonah will emerge as leader of the free world by series end. It’s a real good vs. evil (or at least non-cue-reader vs. douche-idiot).


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