What To Watch: 05/02/2019

One of TV’s quirkiest detective shows (or one of its goofiest zombie programs) returns for its fifth and final season as undead Liv Moore (say it out loud) finds it harder and harder to keep Seattle — and the world, and herself — safe.

iZombie [The CW, 8p]
My favorite show that I totally forgot was still out there. Liv Moore and the gang return for one last season of the quirky zombie procedural/dramedy. This season’s first case poses a problem for Liv’s detective senses as there is no body, and hence no brain for her to eat, no memories to absorb.

Abby’s [NBC, 9:30p]
Abby gets her landlord drunk, which is bad for business, because he offends the neighbors. And offending the neighbors is a quick way to get your totes illegal business shut down. Come on, Abby, you’re smarter than that!

Project Runway [Bravo, 9p]
This week the designers are challenged to create a mini-collection for a celebrity client. It’s a team challenge, so be prepared for fighting, passive aggression, and a lack of cohesion.



  • There’s a bar in the Inwood section of Manhattan that plays the ID Network at all times. Perhaps its grizzled drinkers are excited for tonight’s return of Detective Rod Demery and one of its tentpoles, Murder Chose Me.
  • Speaking of crimes and shady characters, tonight’s the night that anachronism, the 2019 Miss Teen USA pageant, airs — you know, the one where our current prez bragged about how he sneaked backstage to ogle naked contestants. In the late-2010s, that’s a thing that can happen and not have negative consequences. If you want to be part of the problem, it’s on a channel on the dial.
  • After two weeks of super-sweet episodes (one involving Jake & Amy, the other Holt & Kevin), it’s back to antics on NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Chelsea Peretti returns to her old home, and Boyle finds out his adopted son may be special — even more so.
  • To complete the main part of NBC’s terrific Thursday night line-up, Superstore finds Jonah trying to get Cloud 9 to go green, and unsurprisingly his calls land on deaf ears.
  • We missed its debut, but we really feel we need to mention that there is a show with the title Ghost Bait. We’re not sure what it has to do with travel, per se, but Travel Channel is where it lives. A paranormal expert and an empath combine to solve… crimes(?).
  • Also, there’s apparently a tale of at least one (if not more) terrible internet meet-not-so-cute that has yet to be chronicled, so thankfully A&E is on the case with Dating App Horrors: The Untold Story.

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