What To Watch: 04/30/2019

It’s almost as if it’s secret sci-fi: it’s a great post-apocalyptic concept in a halcyon era for the genre — 100 travelers to a space station return to Earth after a nuclear holocaust — it’s fairly well-reviewed, it’s going into its sixth season, and yet you may very well have never heard of it. The CW can be a blessing and a curse. There’s also a varied buffet of new and returning stuff and we recommend some weekly favorites here.

The 100 [The CW, 9p]
After Monty’s distressing message, a group of explorers goes warily to the mysterious new planet as we welcome in the new, sixth season.

Bless This Mess [ABC, 9:30p]
Mike and Rio try to get their new neighbors to like them. In an effort to do that, Mike tries to prove (oh, honey, no) that he’s a real farmer.

The Bold Type [Freeform, 8p]
Kat continues navigating the world of local politics as the opposition dregs up her information on her past abortion. Meanwhile, Jane finds herself in dangerous territory with her hard hitting journalism.



  • 30 For 30 goes to 100 minutes to tell the long and winding road of The Dominican Dream, Felipe Lopez, a basketball prodigy from Santo Domingo who dominated high school and college basketball in the 1990s, inspiring a considerable following in his homeland, but never translating his skills to the point game as he went from the NBA to a multitude of international leagues.
  • Last night, CNN and Van Jones debuted a new program that examined the idea of rehabilitation in the prison system in general, while tonight, A&E goes slightly granular questioning whether children, even those who committed the most grievous crimes, should get a second chance with Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole.
  • The singularly prolific Duplass Brothers promote the comedy tour of four comics on the spectrum in the form of an HBO documentary, On Tour With Asperger’s Are Us.
  • There’s more new standup on Netflix, in this case in the form of a half-hour special from polarizing comic Anthony Jeselnik, this one is titled Fire In The Maternity Ward.
  • We’re deep into the fifth season of The Flash and Barry’s still knee deep in his feelings.
  • 1969 was a pivotal year in history. Someone should really devote a docu-series to it. Thankfully, ABC is. It’s titled 1969. The women who were seduced by Charlie Manson’s siren song is the subject of tonight’s episode.

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