What To Watch: 04/28/2019

It’s the night of the great battle — we’re talking long enough for Roddy Piper to get Keith David to put on the glasses six-plus times (THEY MATH!). There’s also a new hard-hitting show from a controversial Obama appointee, the sixtieth on-air show that Greg Berlanti is somehow involved in (but this one is with Oscar winner Ava DuVernay), and we check in with our favorite burger slingers.

The Redemption Project with Van Jones [CNN, 9p]
For progressives, Van Jones can be just as frustrating as CNN as a whole, but this show isn’t (specifically) about politics, even if it is the politics of racism which have fueled many of the excesses of our incarceration culture. This is more about the idea of rehabilitation vs. isolation as Jones introduces victims’ families to those behind bars. Will it be exploitative or restorative… hopefully, the latter.

Game Of Thrones [HBO, 9p]
Tonight’s the night. The Battle of Winterfell… the longest GoT episode ever. Who will live? Who will die? Will it make the Red Wedding look like an episode of Peppa Pig? Our questions will be answered and tears will be shed. And for God’s sake stay out of those crypts!

Bob’s Burgers [Fox, 8:30p]
When the kids have to run a mile at school to earn their free ice cream, they hatch a plan to get out of the run and get to the ice cream.



  • Eight episodes long — but on only four Sundays, so a bit of a cheat — The Red Line tells the tragic tale of an African American doctor shot by a cop and the sad aftermath. The CBS drama may be fictional, but shamefully it feels like it could be ripped from way too many headlines. It teams prolific producer Greg Berlanti with Oscar-winner Ava Duvernay.
  • Chronicling these injustices, but with his inimitable brand of humor, W. Kamau Bell returns on CNN (following the Jones special above) with United Shades of America.
  • Ever since his days of charismatic menace on Justified, we’ve noticed character actor Walton Goggins makes everything better, and so we hope it goes for the Epix thriller from the UK, Deep State, where he joins the second season as a CIA-operative with business in Mali.
  • The latest 90 Day Fiancé is the sixth season of the sort that is subtitled Happily Ever After? but if you’ve followed anything about this TLC show and know the least bit about love, it probably doesn’t require a spoiler alert that the answer is “no.”
  • The Simpsons are going to Canada. Again. That is all. On Fox (ptth).
  • As for NBC’s Good Girls, we could not get past the part of the synopsis that read: Stan faces the consequences for his role in Ruby’s criminal dealings. Ugh! We love this show, but we also love Stan and sometimes, it’s just too much.
  • Speaking of outstanding shows that are just too much to take, HBO’s Barry finds its titular character surprisingly free, but once again drawn into the life that he’s tried so hard to escape. And can he ever be redeemed from the action of last season’s finale.

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