What To Watch: 04/26/2019

It’s the second day of one of the craziest NFL drafts in modern history, our nebbishy potential hero from California continues to fight to save us from the Orange menace by talking real to a 1980s comedian, and there’s new episodes of some heralded shows (mostly ones which skew demographically an, um, certain way like Blue Bloods and The Blacklist); however, most of the action, as it is with most Fridays is on the streaming side: including Oprah’s Oscar foil in a new psych thriller and the latest in Netflix’s musical mystery-solving doc.

Chambers [Netflix]
The story of a teenager who, after a heart transplant, is haunted by terrible visions. Now she must unravel the mystery of what it all means. It’s a premise that could turn out to have a lot of cool story telling opportunities. Plus it stars Uma Thurman, which is, you know, always a good thing.

ReMastered: Devil At The Crossroads [Netflix]
Following an amazing look at the tragic assassination of the Miami Showband, Netflix’s darkest music biography series looks into perhaps American music’s greatest piece of mythology — the supposed meeting (and diabolical Faustian trade) between short-lived Blues genius Robert Johnson and the Prince of Darkness.

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives [Food, 9p]
This week Guy crosses the border into Vancouver to taste a variety of Canadian delicacies.



  • If you want your search-for-food shows to go further off the beaten path, the folks at Netflix’s Chef’s Table have a bit of a spin-off on the same network. Street Food explores the explosion of roadside dining in nine Asian countries.
  • Well-reviewed Turkish superhero series The Protector has all the usual Marvel-ish, DC-esque bells and whistles and twists and turns — but it’s from Turkey. Season two starts on Netflix today.
  • It’s time for Rounds 2 & 3 of the NFL Draft, which drops some of the pomp and circumstance, there’s no red carpet, nor are even many (ideally, not any) of the draftees there. However, if you love the sport this day is where you can start really seeing the future of your team come together. The 2019 NFL Draft can be watched on ABC, ESPN, and the NFL Network, each of which has its own quirks. All of them are going to talk about quarterbacks way more than they should in a defense-heavy draft.
  • Adam Schiff has weathered all the calls for his head for having the gall to investigate the most clearly corrupt president in history, and he goes into mostly friendly (if sometimes inane) territory tonight, guesting on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher, alongside Bob Costas and one of the men who got us into this mess in the first place, whether he cares to admit it or not, Robin Hood-in-reverse, Grover Norquist.
  • Red Reddington is either the worst or best name in television, and he’s somehow still ticking names off his little list with his ward on NBC’s The Blacklist, and tonight he’s seeking help from a friend as he finds himself at the crossroads while the law enforcement team investigates a frozen corpse.


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