What To Watch: 04/24/2019

Like Ohio State University, CW’s programming can only be tied together by a forcefully said definite article — it’s THE CW. Today we focus on The CW with most of its line-up contained in our recommendation. However, as cheeky as that opening was, it’s with heavy hearts as we say goodbye to TV teen drama legend Luke Perry who died suddenly last month of a stroke at 53).

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
Riverdale has proven to be a later career rejuvenation for Luke Perry. Critics and fans both old and new liked what he brought to the show. Now, this week, we say goodbye. How ever the show decides to bid farewell I’m sure it will be emotional.

Jane The Virgin [The CW, 9p]
Jane is now fully back in the Michael/Rafael love triangle, but tonight we lighten the mood as Rogelio throws Jane an over the top 30th birthday party.

A Life Among Monkeys [Smithsonian, 9p]
For a happier story out of Sri Lanka, Smithsonian presents the story of Dr. Wolfgang Dittus among the macaques of Polonnaruwa.



  • Your karate may or may not be a joke, but the modern Karate Kid spin-off certainly is not, even if it can be funny sometimes. Cobra Kai returns tonight for a second season on YouTube. It’s two dojos, one fight — you know what to sweep, Johnny!
  • On one hand, Netflix’s new coming-of-age comedy Bonding is centered around the title might conjure up — as if you had any doubt, its tagline is “sometimes your best friend dominates your life” — and that could be either good (quirky/provocative) or bad (silly/exploitative). As The Good Place‘s Janet, D’Arcy Carden herself, is involved prominently, we’re gonna suspect it’s the former and wonder why none of us included it in our recommendations (Jason? Katherine?).
  • From the title Boise Boys, you can tell the show contains two men from Idaho’s capital; its residence on HGTV suggest that they are concerned with home repair. You can probably also already infer that they are a mismatched duo who entered into biz together, and it’s an adventure. In any case, their names are Clint and Luke, and all the rest is true.

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