What To Watch: 04/22/2019

We’re getting fairly serious this Monday with our recs coming from a period piece, a series of political interviews, and an intense singing battle.


Gentlemen Jack [HBO, 10p]
It’s a period piece from the dark halls of the souls who brought us the twisted mystery Happy Valley. In this one the illusion is mostly for those in the 1820s society as the real life story of Anne Lister who married another woman to get ahead in business — the title and timeframe gives one a hint as to how she pulled that off.

CNN Town Hall Event [CNN, 8p]
It’s a series of Town Halls on CNN, starting with Elizabeth Warren at 8, followed by Bernie at 9, with Kamala Harris at 10, and Pete Buttigieg at 11. It’s a crowded field so we might as well learn about the Democratic candidates now.

The Voice [NBC, 8p]
The cross battles continue! Who will face off? Tune in for stressful split second decisions.



  • Surprisingly Katherine does not pick tonight’s Independent Lens on PBS. Charm City profiles the people of the city of Baltimore.
  • Journalist Ashleigh Banfield adds an extra layer of gravitas to Live Rescue, A&E’s paean to some of the most deserving of being paean’d — first responders.
  • Meanwhile, on the CW side of town, the superheroes currently known as DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow return to 2019 where everything is chaos and a mess — so totally unlike the actual world.
  • There’s a bit of an Adult Swim vibe to Pinky Malinky — the coming-of-age tales of a microphone and friends who like to drop “sick beats” — yet this one drops on the home of Bojack Horseman and Big Mouth… Netflix.

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