What To Watch: 04/21/2019

While dragons and sweet soul music are both valid ways to celebrate the resurrection, we’re gonna lead today with Katherine and her on-the-nose classic flix pick.

Easter Parade [TCM, 8p]
It’s not perfect, but you can do a lot worse (Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ is probably on somewhere — and we are NOT putting a link to that) than a Fred Astaire and Judy Garland musical on Easter and set during Easter. Of note, this is the most successful of both Garland and Astaire’s films, and was the highest grossing musical of 1948.

Motown 60: A Grammy Celebration [CBS, 8p]
Hate the Grammys, love Motown. Maybe you’re the other way around — or love both. Either way, attention must be paid to the incredible legacy of Detroit’s famed imprint. Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson are sure to be there.

Game Of Thrones [HBO, 9p]
Bran is freaking everybody out — especially Jamie. Jon Snow now DEF knows something. HBO is tight lipped about the last six episodes of its masterpiece, but I have a feeling these revelations are going to complicate his romance with his aunt. Yup, just another day in Westeros.

Charmed [The CW, 9p]
This week the charmed ones are faced with the challenge of accepting change. Harry is officially no longer their whitelighter and the replacement is here. I’m very interested to see how the dynamics change with a whitelighter who is a woman.



  • While it’s not quite the hip guest stars of similarly themed Nailed It!, the group of celebrity chefs on the new season of Food Network’s Worst Cooks In America: Celebrity Edition does include a few people who were the biggest names in the world — albeit either four or five decades ago or for nefarious reasons. But it should still be fun to see Jim J. Bullock face off against Tonya Harding for the worst cake representation of the Eiffel Tower (not necessarily a thing that happens on the show, and most probably a fever dream of one of our editors.
  • Over on HBO, Veep‘s now ex-POTUS heads into South Carolina to put feelers out for primary endorsements for her quest to turn her rival into a Benjamin Harrison, while Barry carries on the best he can, which is not all that well, but Gene hopes to prove redemption is still on the table.

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