What To Watch: 04/15/2019

If you’re still not down after all your indulgence in Throne-y goodness (or smugly explaining why you’re not into dragon-and-sandal-based fantasy programming), it’s a day with a lot of superhero choices, but also a rare Monday Netflix show debut (is today the day for streaming dumps?). Both of the premier singing contests are aligned at a crossroads, and the Ace of Cakes has brought, guess what — more cake! So, without further fondant, it’s time to start watching!

No Good Nick [Netflix]
It sounds like Seven Degrees of Separation meets Fuller House (or more precisely, the surprisingly long-lived Melissa & Joey), and has a punny name — say it fast a couple times and you might hear it and chuckle. However, the early buzz on this series about Sean Astin and Melissa Joan Hart adopting a 13-year-old con artist, while not through the roof, is that there’s some quirk to it, and, heck, it’s Hart’s birthday (she’ll be 43, so don’t forget to write) so I can give this a bite.

The Voice [NBC, 8p]
It’s the first night of cross battles! This is a brand new round of competition. Singers will battle against a member of another team, but they won’t know who they’re singing against until they get onstage! Sounds stressful for them, but fun to watch.

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow [The CW, 8p]
The legends go back further than usual as they meet up with 19th Century author Jane Austen — but is she friend or foe?



  • Like his buddy Buddy Velastro, Duff Goldman is a cake expert, and who — besides maybe Jim Gaffigan’s inner voice — does not love cake? Food Network definitely does as its greenlit him yet another show, Duff Takes The Cake — and all hints of sarcasm aside, the twist on this particular show is that the cakes are being made to celebrate the helpers in various communities. On the cake tip: if you are voracious for elaborate confectionery creations and have yet to watch Yolanda Gampp’s web series, How To Cake it, well click that link for your new obsession.
  • There’s more DC on CW tonight as Laurel says “bleep it” and lets her criminal flag fly high on a spree, as her friends have to decide on the salvagability of her soul as we speed towards the end of the Arrow — now on a new night.
  • One of the world’s leading hip-hop couples return to try and make good on the hustle, the friends and family hustle, as we start the second season of VH1’s aptly titled sort-of-spinoff T.I. & Tiny: The Friends and Family Hustle.
  • K.C. realtor returns to knock down a bunch of once-fancy walls on HGTV’s Bargain Mansions. Now, we know we should not judge shows by their titles, but we can’t help but feel there’s a little bit of what’s wrong with this country hidden behind these peeling walls.
  • It’s a busy day for ranking amateur singers as American Idol has cut the remaining contestants to seven — with the eighth-place winner getting Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box — or some kind of parting gift. On that note, anyone recall the 2006 movie American Dreamz where an aspiring singer/terrorist had to decide between his two passions. Yes, that was a movie that was made and not just a fever dream one of our editors had after downing too many wines with Juliana Marguiles’ character from The Good Wife while consoling her about the strange way her The Good Fight cameo fell through.

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