What To Watch: 04/14/2019

Westeros’ biggest hit game show returns with dragons and incest galore for its final season tonight (what, were we gonna lead with NCIS: Los Angeles?). Also, you just know Buddy Velastro is saying “Cake Boss” in that picture below.

Game Of Thrones [HBO, 9p]
Perhaps one of the biggest TV moments of the century begins tonight, as the ultimate water cooler fantasy show returns for its final season. Winter is here and the wall has fallen. The Night King is out for blood. And he has a zombie dragon. After tonight we are one hour closer to knowing who sits on the iron throne.

Les Misérables [PBS, 9p]
Victor Hugo’s tales of Valjean and Javert and that damn purloined loaf of bread get told yet again. I’d yawn, but with a cast including newly minted Oscar winner Olivia Colman, The Wire‘s Dominic West, David Oyelowo, and Lily Collins, this one’s worth a go.

Buddy Vs. Duff [Food, 9p]
In the last installment of this cook-off, the chefs are challenged to make chocolate desserts to conceal a wedding ring for a surprise proposal. Going into this episode, the points are tied so it’s all up to how well they bake tonight.

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